Sunday, September 25, 2011

Annual Checkup

Its time for my annual checkup...
You see, this game came out in late 2005 and has been kicking my butt since 2006 and I reattempt to complete it at least once a year only to end up in disappoint. The game that has been tormenting me?
[Or in Japan "Super Surgical Operation: Caduceus"]

It's classified as a surgical simulation game and as a simulation/visual novel. The story line has you in the role of surgeon Derek Stiles, a young surgeon who quickly matures through the stories development. Along with Derek you'll meet Angie Thompson, your assistant nurse. There are many other characters in the game with fairly distinct personalities and roles that are somewhat relevant to your mission.

This game was part of the first wave of DS games and thoroughly utilizes the touch screen features since all of your "operations" are done exclusively with the stylus. Your stylus acts as various instruments varying from scalpel, syringes, lasers and of course you ever so healing hands.

Ah yes, healing hands. That brings us back to our main character who happens to have "healing hands"... he can slow down time. Which will help you in many critical missions down the line.As the story progresses you quickly move from your standard ER surgeries into something more severe. Bio-terrorism. Yep, a mysterious organization is infecting people with terrible, almost incurable diseases known as G.U.I.L.T. And its your job to stop it!! Somehow.

G.U.I.L.T has several strains that require different methods of removal. The challenge of this game is just like a real surgeon, all of your operations must be handled with precision and speed. And eradicating the G.U.I.L.T is tricky, they aren't like normal tumors and lacerations. They move, regenerate and hide, tearing up your patient and patience in the process.

But its still a fun game to play if not frustrating. When you perform your procedures correctly you get a "ok" "good" or a "cool" grade which adds up along with speed and precision to equate your "rank". When you fail a mission, you get plenty of facepalm from your team and superiors. It definitely has some serious replay value because even after you beat the main story line there's still many more missions in which you can perfect your skills as a surgeon.

So while this game is a bit older, its worth a second opinion. Its about $7.99 used at Gamestop, certainly can't hurt to give it a shot.

If you do decide to play this, I suggest learning to use 2 styli. It will make it much easier.

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