Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dance Dance Revolution

Sorry kids, I'm not talking about the arcade game. Instead I'm talking about a webseries known as "The LXD"( It's currently in its third season and can be found on Hulu. It won best original series last year, and I don't see why they don't deserve another award.

The series itself is a spin on the old good vs. evil theme, with key characters on each side possessing unique powers and abilities. Where it is different, is that this story is told through dance. Each episode is around the 7-10 minute mark which IMO is perfect for short attention spans. Most of the dancing IS hip hop based, however the way that it is presented to viewer i don't think that matters and it shouldn't matter to you either. I will give a very basic overview without disclosing much of the story line because I truly feel that you need to see this to thoroughly enjoy and appreciate this.

The LXD itself is the "legion of extraordinary dancers". Individuals possess the powers of the "Ra" which is a manipulation of force through dance-based executions. The LXD are the good guys and the current line up have a ways to go in perfecting their powers of the RA before they can defend the peace and balance.
There is a supporting cast of other heroes on this team with their skill set spanning from tap to ballet but their presence so far has been pretty subtle.

So, like every superhero story worth its salt there's a plethora of evil ranging in motive and skill all after one thing, the destruction of the LXD. Seasons 1 and 2 focused on The OX, the Legion of Doom to the LXD's Justice League. This season has shed some light on Karey's UMBRAS and The Dark Doctor and his growing ranks. The rivalry runs deep on all sides ranging from avenging the death of parents, and just for the sake of world domination.

Each character has a very distinct presence and a unique style. Fan favorites include Glee's Harry Shum  JR as Elliot Hoo and Madd Chadd's inhuman Sp3cimen. The current season see's a continuation of season 1's "robot lovestory" which revolves around Sp3cimens' story. Madd Chadd is amazing to watch, the man is truly robotic and i think its a good place to start. So for now I leave you with the latest episode starring Madd Chadd and the recent winners of MTV's "America's Best Dance Crew" "iAMme". Tell me what  you think and we can go from there. (o^-^o)

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