Sunday, September 18, 2011

Completing the Circle

In 1994 I was 10 years old.
I also got to experience a movie theater for the first time.
The movie?
None other than the great "Lion King".
I shouldn't have to tell you about the movie, if you don't know message me and we'll discuss this issue in private.
But today, I came full circle with the masterpiece I am thrilled to have experienced in all its glory.

The Lion King has won many awards and remains high in ranks for top grossing films of all time.
Its one of my personal favorites of all time and definitely the peak of the "Disney Renaissance".
It has the perfect balance of stunningly fantastic (hand drawn) visuals and an outstanding score and soundtrack thanks to the fabulous Sir Elton John, Tim Rice and Hans Zimmer. The story is nothing short of what I love about this era of Disney, breathtaking and captivating, just enough action and just the right touch of romance.

But, like I said, I shouldn't have to tell you about the movie.
What I will tell you is how, at 17 years later the movie still took my breath away and had a normally ADHD, fidgety me firmly glued to my seat, staring at the screen in awe. The slight touch of 3D certainly added life to the already vibrant colors of the Serengeti, all the fancy remastering made everything so brand new but so familiar.

Although I haven't seen the movie in years, I knew every line and song, word for word, note for note.
I was very pleased, even with a full theater and the bloody wallet, I was still a kid again.
Better yet, I got to see this with my sister who wasn't even born when this movie first came out and it was still just as magical to relive this masterpiece.

I truly suggest that anyone and everyone should take the time to revisit this film whether in 3d or just 2d its worth the magic. We owe Mufasa's legacy that much, to complete this circle of life and keep this story strong in the eyes of our generation and for the future generations.

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