Monday, September 19, 2011

"I Will Destroy Everything You Love" or "Countering the Counter Culture"

Maybe I'm getting too old to understand the current generation.
Maybe "pop culture" really is a heartless beast.

Regardless, over the past few years I seem to have become an elitist for what was once a sacred sub-culture. Everything that was once uncool to be/do/like is cool, and thanks to the media (social and traditional) and a culture where looks are everything. I am pretty heavy on the whole social media thing, I do have a Facebook, a Tumblr, a Twitter. I Skype/AIM/Stikkam. You name it, I've touched it. One thing that i have noticed a huge rise in, is the popularity of  "alternative" culture, specifically "geeks". Its now trendy, fashionable and... sexy?
[side rant: ..could've sworn that when I was younger and gave a damn, being an "alternative geek" just meant I went home in tears from the negative reception]

Unfortunatly there is a large percentage (mostly female) population who feel that the only way to survive is by constantly being on the cutting edge of "trendy, fashionable, and sexy" so lo and behold! Geek is in and there is money to be made! Which now brings me to my original point of disdain... Hot Topic.

Don't get me wrong, once upon a time I LOVED shopping there. Hell, I even did my time working there for a year. I tell ya, the place has changed. For a company built on "everything about the music", they've lost their values. Music is now maybe only 25% of their focus. Maybe. The other 75% has become "everything that is not Hollister, but still cooler than Spencers". That my friend translates to whoring out "pop culture." This in itself is a bittersweet pill. It means that now I can find all the Pikachu shirts in the world and not look like a weirdo wearing it. But it also means that every mall rat will buy it as well so they can be cool and impress that boy or girl who says " OMG PICKACHOO. I REMEMBER THAT CARTOON" [side rant # 2: have you kids even played the damn game? Cause you certainly can't even spell Pikachu right] In short, everything that was once sacred is now easily accessible. That Transformers or Jem shirt you had as a kid? I can buy it at the mall and it'll look twice as worn as your original shirt!! And don't even get me started on piercing and body jewelry, that's a whole 'nother rant. I've already taken up enough of your time.

Bottom line is, while you should be proud of what you love and should hold it sacred, take it for what its worth cause the hype machine will come and steal your precious'.

The reason for today's rant? I came across this on the Hot Topic FB:

Apparently Sailor Moon is in this fall. Causing much disdain to my generation who loved the mystery of having to visit Japanese import markets for our swag, this also angers cosplayers that spend many hours perfecting their costume just to have it on a shelf at a mall, bastardized in plastic while we shed a giant tear drop for our beloved Queen Serenity and her court of Sailor Stars

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