Tuesday, November 22, 2011

just another day in paradise...

Please excuse my recent absence. I've been settling into my new home.
I live in Hawaii now, with my Sailor if you've missed that note.
But its actually been fairly eventful and there's quite a bit to talk about, I'll try to keep le wall of text to a minimum.
So for starters:

In the few weeks here i've seen quite a few movies both in theaters and in blu-ray wonderfulness.

Hollywood 3D madness ( or magic depending on your cup of tea..) brought me Puss in Boots and The Immortals (all on the same night too!) Other than both of these being at the polar opposites of the spectrum they were both very eye-pleasingly awesome.

Puss was both very cute and well versed in the usual Shrek-style comedy, something for both the kids and the kids at heart.

The Immortals however... Holy Hell on a stick!! I know critics bashed it to hell but thats generally what they do anyways. The imagery was gorgeous and the violence was absolutely amazing... oh and there was a storyline somewhere. My only problem with the movie was Zeus having a porn 'stache. Besides that it was bloody, violent, contain sexual situations and tons of eye candy (both male and female), can't ask for much more.

In non 3D madness i was introduced to another magic.. The world of Harry Potter.
Amazing.. i'm an absolute new comer to this series, so while i let it sink in i'll write about it later.

My flight here was like a million and 8 hours long, sadly i'm not the kind of person who can sleep all of those million hours. So i picked up a few books/manga and charged up my 3DS and iPod and boarded the plane.. three times thank you layovers.
What I read:
Sailor Moon 1
Sailor V 1
Both are just the recent english translations of the original mangas. Sailor Moon brought me right back to my early teens when i discovered the magic of manga and anime. Sailor V annoyed the snot out of me. I was never much of a Sailor V fan. But regardless the names and characters are true to the original version as the translation kept the Japanese names and inside jokes (with notes in the back of course). I will certainly be on the look out for other volumes.

Nothing new for me as i'm kinda broke.
HOWEVER he did get Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for the PS3.
damn. I fell in love with the opening sequence. And if i didn't already love the game, i fell right back in lust with it. In addition to new characters, most of the older characters were re-balanced and given a much larger and personalized trash talk script. For you non-arcade fighters re-balancing is just a reworking of fight stats to more accurately depict a character.
I'm still chipping away at Pokemon Black and HeartGold along with my mission to finally beat Trauma center. I'm close to beating Trauma Center, that game has been testing my patience.. LOL puns.

And thats it for now. The holidays are upon us and i've got my plate full, thank goodness i love cooking.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

where the heart is..

for the first time in a long time i got a satisfying night of sleep.
i know this i should be cautious when throwing around feelings about a LTR.
but by god, i think i got it right.
i'm where i'm supposed to be.
and i'm home.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

wanna know how i got these scars?

you fucking asshole.

bullshit that you tried to make me feel better about my flaws, you only wanted to capitalize on them.

but what i hate you the most for are these goddamned scars you left on my head and my heart.

how you'd "forget" all the vicious and cruel things you said to me.
i used to feel bad and wished you'd get help for it.
i've changed my mind.
you're a sad little boy from bumfuck new hampshire pretending to be a man in boston.
you talked shit on my city, and everything i love.
then all of a sudden it interests you.
your sugar mama flies you out to so cal, then all of a sudden you love it.

So Cal will eat you alive.

then you break up with the whore after wards.
punk ass move.

but what makes me mad?
is that you accused me of being a gold digger.
you're the one hanging on a clit cause she's got money.
i stopped being able to baby you then you got too busy to see me when we were still engaged.

then now you're accusing me of being a uniform chaser.
Sorry honey, real men sail seas, not jump puddles.

but whats really really making me mad is how you decided you wanted to grind it into my head that i'm not pretty, that i'm weird, that i was terrible in bed.

i remember once upon a time you got angry and weird with me cause i had been with other guys before you. Claiming that you were a virgin.

but once i left you, it was all bragging about your "hotties with bodies" and freaky chicks. Well i see that you like your women to be generic and carry green cards.
and you know, its not cool for you to drill it into my head that i was subpar and on top of it all sucked in bed and was never "sexy"

i hate that you clawed it into me knowing that i scar easily.
"maybe we can be friends" my ass.

you live a fantasy life boy. You're still a nobody from new hampshit