Thursday, November 3, 2011

wanna know how i got these scars?

you fucking asshole.

bullshit that you tried to make me feel better about my flaws, you only wanted to capitalize on them.

but what i hate you the most for are these goddamned scars you left on my head and my heart.

how you'd "forget" all the vicious and cruel things you said to me.
i used to feel bad and wished you'd get help for it.
i've changed my mind.
you're a sad little boy from bumfuck new hampshire pretending to be a man in boston.
you talked shit on my city, and everything i love.
then all of a sudden it interests you.
your sugar mama flies you out to so cal, then all of a sudden you love it.

So Cal will eat you alive.

then you break up with the whore after wards.
punk ass move.

but what makes me mad?
is that you accused me of being a gold digger.
you're the one hanging on a clit cause she's got money.
i stopped being able to baby you then you got too busy to see me when we were still engaged.

then now you're accusing me of being a uniform chaser.
Sorry honey, real men sail seas, not jump puddles.

but whats really really making me mad is how you decided you wanted to grind it into my head that i'm not pretty, that i'm weird, that i was terrible in bed.

i remember once upon a time you got angry and weird with me cause i had been with other guys before you. Claiming that you were a virgin.

but once i left you, it was all bragging about your "hotties with bodies" and freaky chicks. Well i see that you like your women to be generic and carry green cards.
and you know, its not cool for you to drill it into my head that i was subpar and on top of it all sucked in bed and was never "sexy"

i hate that you clawed it into me knowing that i scar easily.
"maybe we can be friends" my ass.

you live a fantasy life boy. You're still a nobody from new hampshit

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  1. i know someone who has had sex with you. he tells me you were amazing in bed, super sexy and with a great body. and that he would jump at the chance to have sex with you. again and again.